Imber Levis

Month: November, 2012

On a Weird Habit



No matter how hard I try, I can never do anything in a conventional manner. From learning how to read  to simple actions such as following a map. There always seems to be a right way and a wrong way, and it seems that I have always taken the wrong route.

Which leads to one other thing about me that is strange.

When I am very tired, to the point of falling asleep, it’s like my brain takes on a different character and dominates all my thoughts or maybe to simplify it my subconscious takes over and then I start repeating totally disjointed nonsense. For example if I am in this state and someone asks me if I had a good day, then I will answer ummm did you step on any flowers lately, the tombstones look awful pretty today.

Last week I discovered that this even has leached into my reviews. A couple of days ago I decided to review a track when I was practically sleeping on the keyboard. Here is the end result:

Over the course of a couple of singles, the band’s sound has been perfected. Personally Glitch is the best thing they’ve recorded. The guitars are crisp and the tune itself is a stunner that will get people moving. True, it does look like a nineties Indian restaurant. More importantly its got a makeover, which should make it more prominent.

Read that last sentence – TOTALLY out of place with the rest of the paragraph. All I can say is that at the time I was probably thinking of an Indian restaurant I was going to go to that weekend. Really I find this puzzling, strange and confusing.

Anyone can give some insight???


On Age


In 11 days time, I will be officially entering my mid thirties (well 34)  and for some strange reason, I am a bit conscious of it. Actually I am lying a bit. I started to reflect upon my age ever since last year when I heard a colleague complain about the fact  that in the school the pupils all stay the same age while the teacher is growing older. Since then I have been noticing that there are some signs of age cropping up. Weirdly enough its not things like getting tired easily or walking slowly ( if anything my sleeping pattern is down to five hours or even less) but its things like keeping up to date with things and being internet savvy.

According to my observations of students and people of a younger generation who are  around me ( aside from students, I dj to crowds in their early twenties plus there’s an age gap between my youngest sister and gf) kids, who were brought up in the last twenty years or so seem to be able to focus on many things at once or multi tasking. Whereas people my age  were taught to sit and focus on something til the very end, while generation Y’ers can surf the net, send an sms, write an assignment, listen to music and carry out errands and the outcome is very good. Would it be safe to say that internet (or World Wide Web if you are fussy) has managed to achieve this. Sure there are people my age who do this too but we weren’t taught how.

I also notice that pictures and visual aids play a more important part , rather than blocks of text. Take a look at Facebook or  Tumblir and you’ll notice the importance of pictures in today’s society.  I’m not lamenting death of text and all that cause it won’t happen but in the last five years or so I’ve never seen such a reliance on pictures.

Then there are things like television programs, slang and so on (except music, I thin I’m pretty up to date there) but that’s my fault as I barely watch tv or read about the latest things in that sector.

How do I feel among all this change? In some ways I feel old but I am trying to keep up to date with what is happening and I’m making an effort to improve my internet skills and despite the fact that I do stumble a bit I do have help and I do feel better than staying in some type of time warp.

As I said earlier all of these generalisations are culled from just me observing people, nothing more or less.